Do you want to build lasting memories with your family, partner or friends?

The  Questions App helps you make memorable conversations by asking questions that really matter. 

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Why The Questions app?

Discover topics that you and the people you love disagree on and what you agree about. Enjoy special moments and long evenings at the table that bring you closer together by asking the right questions and thinking about the answers. Life is short and precious. A good conversation from time to time gives your life meaning and enriches you in a great way.

Nowadays we are all under a lot of pressure and we are increasingly withdrawing to relax with our phone or tablet. Unfortunately this inadvertently creates more and more distance from our loved ones. Whether you live at home or work with a partner, alone or with a large family, a meaningful conversation is always useful. The Questions App is designed to let you use your phone or tablet in a relaxed manner to bring you closer to your family or friends. You will find meaningful and special questions that help you think about the things that really matter. 

The Questions App was designed to bring you and your loved ones closer together by giving you the opportunity to ask each other interesting questions about life which can lead to long conversations.


What questions can you expect?

 Some examples of questions.... 







What does it cost?

The Questions App is free to download in the Apple or Play Store. With the free app you get direct access to the partner questions, so you can get a great start on a fun conversation and quickly discover the many possibilities. Are you interested to the other 17 categories? Then pay the one-time fee of just € 1,19 in the Apple or Play Store or via the site and we promise you hours of fun and many interesting conversations!